grace kids

Helping kids grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.

Sunday Morning 9:15AM and 10:45AM

Nursery and worship/learning activities for all ages through 5th grade.

Wednesday Night 6:00PM-7:15PM

To keep up-to-date with all of our events, check out our Facebook page. 

Grace student ministries

We are here to help our parents help their students be fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Grades 6-12 are invited to join us as we follow Christ. 

Opportunities for students to get plugged in include Sunday mornings at 9:15am for Sunday School and on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm (all services take place in the Kid and Student Center).

In addition to these regular activities, we are an active part of our district MidSouth NYI.


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adult discipleship

Effective discipleship means making followers of Jesus as we faithfully follow Jesus. Our goal is to create space for discipleship to happen. This includes formal settings like Sunday School, Grace U(niversity) classes, Women & Men's ministry and small groups. It's also about equipping our church family to disciple their children, extended family, friends and colleagues in smaller, informal ways as well.

If you have particular questions, feel free to reach out to Pastor Tonya at


Room 2 // Young Adults // 18-25 year old singles, tackling important questions of faith

Room 3 // O.A.K.S. // all ages, learning to live faithfully in an unfaithful world

Room 5 // Women of the Word // all ages of women, following the Journey and bearing one another's burdens


Room 3 // GROW //  40s+, gathering to read the Word, learn obedience, and witness to each other and the world

Room 5 // On Target // all ages, daily fixing our lives on Jesus and following the Journey Bible study plan


Room 2 // Life & Ministry of the Messiah //  8-week video series discovering why Jesus turned the world upside down with His compelling call to follow Him

Room 3 // Why We Do the Things We Do // 5-week spiritual guide to stopping self-destructive behaviors to help move toward restoration and healing

Room 4 // First Place for Health // 12-week women's class gaining freedom in healthy living with a restored heart, renewed mind, sold out soul, and a transformed body

Room 5 // Men of Grace // men of all ages digging into Scripture together

worship arts

The mission of Grace Music Ministry is to bridge the gap between Heaven and earth through worship; to join in the ongoing song of Heaven and promote a lifestyle of worship. Our prayer is to create a place of worship that extends beyond Sundays to our families, jobs, and overall lifestyles. To seek out and build the Kingdom here on earth is our mission and goal. Our tool is song and music. 

Join the choir on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm for weekly rehearsals!